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Linqu Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. is a joint venture specializing in the development of cement production automation metering control equipment and building materials machinery equipment. The general manager of the company, the main leaders of the company, and the scientific and technical personnel have decades of professional history. They have accumulated rich experience in the technical transformation of local cement companies and have provided tens of thousands of control microcomputers, instruments and supplies to more than 1,000 domestic cement plants. It has made active contributions to the technological progress of the local cement industry.
Our company has been engaged in the research and development of mechanical shaft kilns for many years, and has a group of technical personnel specializing in mechanical shaft kiln design, production and proficient in mechanical shaft kiln calcination process and calcination operation. They can design and manufacture mechanical shaft kiln technology and equipment. , Installation and commissioning, and directing the turnkey projects that reach the production and standards. Over the years, our company has undertaken 100 (sets) sets of mechanical shaft kiln renovation and expansion and new machinery production supporting projects for national cement companies. With high-quality product quality and good technology The service has won praise from customers.
Based on the long-term research and development of mechanical shaft kilns, our company has adopted a number of current advanced process technologies, such as microcomputer automatic raw meal batching, raw meal silo raw meal homogenization control, advanced pre-adding water ball system, waist wind Microcomputer automatic control system, dual-level y-ray clinker automatic discharging control, vertical kiln center integrated control system (including: vertical kiln flue gas temperature display and alarm, vertical kiln fan air pressure and current display and kiln blowout prevention alarm, Clinker discharge current and clinker temperature display and alarm, double-set control or remote control of vertical kiln distributor chute, electric remote control of fan vent valve, etc.). The calcination operation control of the shaft kiln tends to turn into a rotary kiln. The pyrotechnics of the shaft kiln can refer to a number of process parameters for control operations, which greatly improves the safety factor, ensures the personal safety of the operators, and increases the economic benefits of the enterprise.
Our company can also provide technical services for the production process of the shaft kiln. On the premise of improving output and quality, reducing coal and electricity consumption and increasing economic benefits, it can send refined technicians to the factory to carry out raw material batching, shaft kiln calcination, and mill transformation. Technical guidance, actual operation and even all production management are carried out in the whole process. Over the years, our company has provided mechanical shaft kiln technical services to more than hundreds of cement companies across the country, and has established a good reputation and substantial performance.
The SXY and FMD series bag dust collectors carefully developed by our company have the advantages of high dust collection efficiency, low operating cost, safety and reliability, and low cost. They can guarantee the national standard of dust emission <100mg/NNm 3. If there are special requirements, it can also reach the standard of dust emission <50mg/NNm 3.
The company integrates scientific research and production, and extensively utilizes social science and technology, and cooperates with more than a dozen domestic scientific research institutes, colleges and universities. It is market-oriented and relies on strong technical development capabilities to introduce new fists to the market every year. Products have strengthened the company's market position.
Our company is located at the foot of Haifu Mountain, Yeyuan Town, Linqu County, beside Laolong Bay, with convenient transportation and elegant environment. Yeyuan is not only the building material industry base of the county, but also a tourist attraction. We sincerely welcome new and old friends from all over the world to visit.

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