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Vertical mill air lock system

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    Product description

    Characteristics of vertical mill lock air feeder
    There are many faults in the rotary air lock valve of the vertical mill feeding system, and serious air leakage has a greater impact on production. Rotary air lock valves and rotary rotor scales frequently adhered, blocked materials, and jammed seriously, which often caused the system to trip and stop. In severe cases, the conveying equipment was directly blocked, which seriously affected the production and operation of the vertical mill system.
    The FLT series vertical mill lock air feeder is mainly used for the raw material transportation of cement vertical mills to ensure that the entire conveyor body is in a pressureless state during the transportation of materials. It is widely used in building materials, metallurgy, mining and other industries. It is an indispensable equipment in the process of raw material processing or continuous production. It has the following main characteristics
    1. Effectively prevent materials from sticking, jamming, and blocking to the equipment, improve system operation rate, and reduce the impact of insufficient material supply on the firing system.
    2. Significantly reduce the number of process failures and shutdowns, increase the operating time of the raw meal system, and reduce the increase in power consumption due to system startup and shutdown.
    3. Effectively reduce breakdown damage and running wear, reduce maintenance work and repair costs.
    4. A good air lock can improve the external force and separation effect of the fine powder in the mill, thereby increasing the mill system time. Further reduce the power consumption of grinding.
    5. Good air lock can effectively reduce the operating load of the vertical mill circulating fan and the kiln tail exhaust fan, and reduce power consumption.
    6. The YVF2 series variable frequency speed regulating motor and planetary gear reducer are selected for deceleration transmission, which simplifies the structure and improves the transmission efficiency. The variable frequency speed regulating device can realize the stable adjustment of the feeding amount. The power configuration and constant torque output adapt to the load starting and the variable incoming working conditions, so that the supporting equipment receives uniform materials and works smoothly, which is conducive to the realization of system automation. A wide range of needs to meet different production volume requirements.
    7. The main shaft and the bearing are connected by a withdrawal sleeve, which is convenient for loading, unloading and maintenance.
    8. The active sprocket adopts an integral type, and the chain adopts a bulldozer crawler chain track, which is safe and reliable in operation and high in carrying capacity. It adopts a brand-new conveying trough plate design, which has good rigidity, impact resistance, good airtight performance, and no leakage, scattering, deviation and other phenomena.
    9. The support structure of the trough plate adopts roller and rail support structure, which has high rigidity, impact resistance and low running resistance, which can slow down the impact of materials on the trough plate and prolong the service life of the trough plate; improve the service life of the whole machine
    10. The tail tensioning device is equipped with a spring device and a sliding bearing seat, which can reduce the impact load of the chain and prolong the service life of the chain.
    11.According to the actual situation of the site, you can choose to use horizontal or large feet to reduce the civil construction, and the maximum inclination angle can reach 100


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