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Corporate culture: Be a man and then do business. Advocating "diligence, integrity, unity, innovation, forge ahead, and pursuit of excellence", high-quality service to society and common development with society.

Business purpose: "survive by quality, develop by reputation".

Enterprise spirit: unity, pragmatic, efficient and rigorous, to establish a high-quality staff team that orders and prohibits, acts vigorously, challenges oneself, pursues excellence, constantly strives for self-improvement, loves work, and dares to endure hardships.

Management philosophy: People-oriented, internally advocate and follow "unfeeling system, merciless management, affectionate leadership, affectionate care." Implement refined management and create a harmonious and civilized collective. Make friends with foreign countries, cooperate in friendship, and prosper with each passing day. Create a first-class enterprise, establish an excellent image, and strive for the strongest.

Talent concept: Attitude determines ability, ability is more important than academic qualifications, ability is the first, contribution is the most important, both moral and loyal are essential.

Employment principles: respect, care, encourage, cultivate talents, and employ talents. "Have both ability and political integrity, use it boldly; only if there is virtue but not talent, quantity is applicable; talented but not ethical, limit the use; if there is no virtue but not talent, resolutely not use it." It can be inexperienced, but it must be motivated, potential, and advanced Ideology. Dare to deny everything, pioneer and innovate, have a broad mind and good personal training.

Value: Create value for customers, employees and society, and achieve a win-win situation.

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